Crowd Control Barrier Hire

At IDC contracts we have extensive experience in hiring out and installing crowd control barriers (CCB’s) to our customers. Our fixed leg pre-galvanised crowd control barrier (CCB) weighs just 10.6kg, making it easy to transport, install and manoeuvre if necessary.

To help build a continuous line of crowd control, each barrier can be interlocked with an easy male/female hooking system, enabling each barrier to be hooked to the loops of another making it extremely difficult to breach or disconnect if under pressure.

Our crowd control barrier can be lifted with as little as 2 people and no special tools required.

For large quantities, we recommend that each banded stack be offloaded with our truck-mounted Moffett making the installation as quick and easy as possible.

Up to 25 crowd control barrier can be stacked together vertically with no wasted space and banded for easy transport and storage.

Subsequent bundles can then be stacked to further increase storage and transport efficiency.

Crowd Control Barrier Hire

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Crowd Control Barrier Hire Dublin Ireland
Crowd Control Barrier schematic